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Volunteer & ALERT Membership

If you want to come on as a Volunteer with ALERT, please get in touch!  Volunteer training opportunities are available in the Central + South Okanagan & Similkameen.

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What We Need



If you want to come on as a Volunteer with ALERT please fill out our Volunteer Registration Form.  

On this form, you should include your skill set or add a page if necessary.

Once we have received this form by email, you will be notified when and where the next training is, and also informed of monthly meetings.



If you want to provide a safe place for animals in a disaster please fill out our Foster Form.


Once that form has been sent to us in an email, we will schedule a home visit with you as part of the application process.




If you want to haul for us during disasters, please complete our ALERT Volunteer Hauler Form.

Once we have received the filled out form in an email, we will schedule a home visit with you as part of the application process.


From cats and dogs to hamsters, parrots and horses, ALERT needs foster homes for evacuated animals during emergencies and disasters.

If your family or business can help by fostering animals during disasters and emergencies, please complete the paperwork (download link below) and submit to ALERT at

You will be contacted by a volunteer with our Logistics team who will arrange a home visit to discuss fostering arrangements with you. That can include (depending on what type of fostering you are applying for):

  • noting whether you have a secure fenced yard for a dog,

  • a safe and quiet room for a kitty,

  • a paddock or pasture for a horse with shelter or

  • an appropriate aquarium for a specific species of fish


By visiting with you and your family, we can provide a better match for you and the evacuated animals in our care. We will also:

  • review emergency procedures for you to follow and

  • go over protocol for fostering



Join the Animal Lifeline Emergency Response Team (ALERT) and become a crucial part of our mission to safeguard the lives of domestic animals and livestock during times of crisis. ALERT is at the forefront of disaster response, specializing in the evacuation, rescue, and shelter of animals in need. When local or provincial authorities call for assistance, our dedicated volunteers spring into action, ready to provide expertise and support where it's needed most.

In communities across the region, ALERT's established emergency and evacuation teams stand ready to respond when disaster strikes. With wildfires and flooding on the rise due to unpredictable weather patterns, the demand for our services continues to grow. As a member of ALERT, you'll have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of both animals and their human companions. Whether it's developing evacuation plans for wildfire-prone areas, aiding in residential fire emergencies, or assisting with flood evacuations, your commitment to animal welfare will be invaluable in times of crisis. Join us today and be a lifeline for those who need it most.

Volunteer Training


Intro to Emergency Pet Services

Once called ‘We’re Family, Too’ this is an introductory course explaining and working through the administrative part of emergency animal rescue procedure and protocol when a disaster strikes or when emergencies happen.

You don’t have to be an existing registered ALERT volunteer in order to be able to take this course. Some people take the course first and then decide to become a volunteer.

If you are interested in setting up a training date, please contact us.


Intro to Emerency Social Services



The Introduction to Emergency Social Services (ESS) Modules 1 & 2 course is available throughout the year, either online or through correspondence. This course is offered through the Justice Institute of BC (

This is a free course and is open to the public for anyone to take.


View course info on the JIBC web site.



Emergency Registration Forms & Referrals


Our local Emergency Support Services providers offer training on how to fill out their Registration Forms and Referrals Forms (the “people” forms) several times throughout the year.

Registration and Referrals describes the process for registering evacuees and for providing them with referrals for food, clothing, and lodging.

This course also covers basic interviewing skills. The course includes completion of the ESS File (Registration and Service Record) and Referral forms.

This is a free course and is open to the public for anyone to take.

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Additional Training

ALERT volunteers also participate in additional training to increase their skills for specific response situations.

This may include:

  • working with dogs and cats

  • handling specific livestock

  • animal First Aid

  • bio hazard awareness

  • mortality

  • compassion fatigue

  • oxygen administration

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