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Animal Lifeline Emergency Response Team

The Animal Lifeline Emergency Response Team (ALERT) is dedicated to animal welfare through the preparation for and the actual evacuation, rescue and shelter of domestic animals and livestock in a disaster.  Volunteers are mobilized when local and/or provincial authorities request ALERT’s expertise.   


In specific communities ALERT has long-time established animal emergency and evacuation teams that are deployed when disaster strikes. The current environment of wildfires and flooding due to drastic weather changes continues to increase demand for services. ALERT also assists people to develop evacuation plans for their animals whether it be for wildfires, residential fires, flooding or any other disaster which results in people and their animals having to leave their home.


ALERT is dedicated to ensuring that during an emergency or disaster people know there is an organization that recognizes their animals are family and their safe evacuation gives way to human evacuation.  Their dedication and expertise make them a lifeline for animals and their pet guardians during emergencies. 


ALERT is a registered charity, is 100% volunteer based, and 100% of our funding comes from donations.

Registered Charity No: 766299721RR0001

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ALERT works with local authorities including ESS (Emergency Support Services), EOCs (Emergency Operations Centres), Ministry of Emergency Management & Climate Readiness, fire departments, the RCMP, Ministry of Agriculture and Emergency Management BC personnel.

ALERT volunteers will deploy to specific areas of disaster/emergency once requested and will report to ESS teams in local communities.

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